Working Groups

Literary Circle
The Literary Circle meets monthly, focussing on literary and scholarly publications and films that seek to come to terms with the experience of the Holocaust and other politically motivated traumas.
Contact: Monika Koster-Naumann,  Tel. 0171 7453137

Intervision Group
The Intervision Group is open to psychotherapists concerned with the ramifications of the Holocaust for symptomatology,  psychodynamics, and psychotherapeutic treatment.
Contact: Dr. Peter Pogany-Wnendt,  Tel. 0221 / 2579917

The Workshop sees its role as the research group in PAKH, where  theoretical concepts derived from experience are further developed.
Contact: Erda Siebert,  Tel. 0211 / 662544

Workshop “War Children / War Grandchildren”
The Work Group “War Children / War Grandchildren” addresses the consequences of being a child during the 2nd World War.

Saturday Dialogue
In the Saturday Dialogue, members and guests discuss cur- rent and historical topics relating to the content focus and the  aims of the association. The invited guests are usually authors,  directors of films or radio dramas, or persons personally af- fected. Information about events held to date can be found at

About us
The event “About us” offers a framework for dialogue and the  exchange of personal histories.